Fun Ways to Celebrate Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week

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Adhering to compliance standards is what protects all consumers of healthcare services and ultimately enables the delivery of the highest levels of healthcare across the country. Compliance week provides a great opportunity to change your workers’ attitudes towards compliance, educate them, and generally raise awareness of compliance in your workplace. It’s also a prime chance to thank compliance “heroes” and recognize the huge amount of work that compliance workers put in to prevent waste, fraud, and abuse of healthcare services within their provider or organization.

How to Make Compliance Fun

Raising awareness of compliance issues and harnessing a greater commitment to compliance can be achieved in a variety of creative ways that stay with participants long after the event has ended. If you’re looking for unique and enjoyable ways to promote compliance, make sure you start planning early. Many of the activities listed below require the approval of many individuals and can take longer than you may realize to arrange. You also don’t want to conflict with other work-related obligations in your colleagues’ calendars.

The ideas mentioned below were compiled from a variety of message boards, forums, and podcasts. Chief among them was the HCCAnet Forum and Rebekah Latchis’ Compliance Mastermind podcast.

Compliance Games

Compliance-related games are always a popular element of Compliance Week, especially when there is a prize to offer! Participation and enthusiasm go up exponentially once there are prizes and/or food and drink involved.

Many compliance departments hold some type of scavenger hunt. You could share 10-12 questions to check your colleagues’ awareness of compliance issues, ranging from naming the compliance officer in their department to describing the correct mode of conduct in a given situation.

Several organizations hold in-person or virtual “spot the violation” games. They set up a desk or an entire room rigged with compliance violations, like confidential documents left visible, an expensive gift bag “from your favorite vendor,” and a few decoy items. Employers could either enter the room or study a photo sent by email, newsletter, or on posters and then submit their list of violations. To boost participation there would be a prize for the winners.

All sorts of crosswords, trivia games, and puzzles like Sudoku, are effective too. One compliance officer organized a casino theme for Compliance Week, complete with Spin the Compliance Wheel Roulette and Compliance Bingo.

Another really creative idea is a Real or Reel game – create a list of compliance situations and ask if each one really occurred or was instead the plot of a movie or TV show.

Compliance Competitions

Another approach is to hold an inter-departmental compliance competition. It’s up to you what the competition involves; you could ask for compliance-related posters, snappy slogans, short videos, or even the creation of a compliance superhero character.

Each department would need to enter a submission, which you would then display throughout Compliance Week. This gives plenty of time for your colleagues to admire the entries and absorb the compliance messages that they convey. Employees can vote on their favorite entry, with the winner revealed at the end of Compliance Week.

Technology and Compliance

Compliance Week activities can harness audio, video, and technology as well. Short videos, audio podcasts, or cartoons that spread compliance messages or just share a communication from the Chief Compliance Officer, CEO, or any staff member can liven up Compliance Week. One organization created short cartoons about a character who became their compliance mascot. Other visual media ideas include compliance-related slogans or images that are pushed through screensavers, weekly newsletters, or special Compliance Week emails, public monitor displays, and other media.

You don’t even have to create your own video. One organization held a fun version of compliance training by screening a thought-provoking documentary about why people lie. Employees were curious to learn about the topic and enthusiastically joined in a discussion after the movie.


Recognition can be a powerful tool. If your goal for Compliance Week is to raise awareness of compliance in your workplace, one great way to do this is by asking each manager to nominate an individual who makes a significant contribution to the organization’s ethical profile. You could choose a representative from each department or just one overall “Compliance Hero” for the entire organization, depending on the size of the staff.

Some organizations take Compliance Week as an opportunity to recognize the hard work of the entire compliance department or compliance committee or to honor the Chief Compliance Officer through special dinners, emails, displays, or awards.

Whichever approach you take to making Compliance Week fun, begin by thinking about your goals. Make sure that whatever activity you choose fits with these goals, whether that’s raising awareness of compliance among your colleagues or thanking them for their assistance in compliance. With just a little creativity and ingenuity, you can kick up a storm of compliance enthusiasm throughout your workplace.

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