The Mannequin Challenge #TheHIPAAWay

Posted by Frank Strafford on November 20, 2016 in Industry News,

There is no question that a large number of social video challenges have been extremely useful for all kinds of purposes and the latest trend is called The Mannequin Challenge. We have already seen other popular challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge. This gave people the opportunity to do something fun and raise awareness about ALS.

New Trend Going Viral…

The Mannequin Challenge is about people gathering and acting as if they are frozen in time while a camera rolls and captures them standing completely still. This one has generated a lot of media and a large number of important people have taken the challenge.

So far, a large number of celebrities have done this. You have people like the first lady herself, Michelle Obama doing the Mannequin Challenge with Lebron James and the 2016 NBA Champs the Cleveland Cavaliers amongst many other celebrities and athletes that have decided to take the challenge.


These trends come and go, but the mannequin trend is definitely becoming the next big thing and is currently a social media sensation that has everyone excited, fascinated and inspired to exercise their own skill and creativity.

Mannequin Challenge

Serving the healthcare industry and its compliance officers has helped Streamline Verify develop a profound respect and sensitivity for healthcare regulation especially in regards to private patient information. In that spirit, we would like to express a word of caution to those in the healthcare space who are considering to take on the Mannequin Challenge: Please be careful not to record anything that is considered private health information as this would go against HIPAA regulations.

We are telling people to proceed with caution and to make sure that no information is shared if they record the Mannequin Challenge with patients around that could expose their health condition in any way. One should also be mindful of any patient health records that might be recorded that might expose private information as well.

The regulations are very clear and the need to ensure patients’ privacy is essential as this could turn out to be a very serious legal issue for anyone who exposes anything that even hints to information that is meant to be kept private.

It has been a true honor serving the healthcare industry and dealing with hard working professionals whose efforts ensure quality patient care.  We would love to see your fun side too and can’t wait to see your #MannequinChallenge done #TheHIPAAWay 😉

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