Understanding OIG Exclusions

OIG Exclusions Screening Process
What is OIG Exclusion Screening?
It is the process of verifying if a current or potential employee is an excluded individual. This includes verification of excluded entities as well.
Are employers notified of the exclusion status of the employees or entities that they are contracting with?
No, they are not. The OIG does not issue warnings or notifications. Employers must perform their own exclusion searches of federal and state level exclusions databases.
How are OIG Exclusion screening searches performed?
The employer must input the first and last name of an individual or the name of an entity into the Online Searchable Database of the OIG. If there is a match, the employer must then independently verify if such a name is excluded. All means necessary must be used to confirm whether or not the name reflected is in fact the same individual or entity being searched for.
Is the OIG Exclusions list the only database that must be searched?
No, there are also other federal exclusions lists and state level databases that must be accessed for an exclusions search. Examples are:

● The General Services Administration (GSA) Systems for Awards Management (SAM)
● Office of Foreign Assets and Control (OFAC)
● Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Excluded Parties List
● State Medicaid Exclusion Lists

Are employers and healthcare providers actually required to perform exclusions searches on all federal exclusion lists including those on a state level?
Yes, they do. Various government agencies may exclude individuals or entities for reasons other than those under Federal law. They are not automatically forwarded to the OIG Exclusions list for updating. Healthcare providers contracting with such excluded individuals or entities can still be penalized.
How often should employers and healthcare providers perform exclusion screening?
Compliance may only be achieved by performing a monthly nationwide exclusion search upon all possible databases.
What is an easier way to perform exclusion screening?
Use exclusion screening software. It can effortlessly screen federal and state level exclusion databases all in one go. Never miss regular updates and monthly exclusion checks.

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