At Streamline Verify, we know all about the challenges of exclusion screening. We’ve been there.
As HR professionals at Streamline HR Management, we faced numerous frustrations in trying to responsibly manage exclusion screening for our own clients. The numerous systems that we tried were cumbersome, costly, inefficient, and downright annoying. Nobody was efficiently checking the OIG exclusion list and doing exclusion screening the way that we wanted it done. And so we set about building a program that would be simple, practical, user-friendly, and 100% foolproof.
Thus was born Streamline Verify.


Streamline Verify is the industry innovation that is changing the face of OIG verification.
Offering a hassle-free, user-friendly, and absolutely foolproof exclusion verification system, Streamline Verify simplifies your OIG compliance verification process, while helping you avoid thousands upon thousands of dollars in fines. Our passion for absolute precision combined with unsurpassed, round-the-clock customer service has earned us the respect and loyalty of healthcare companies nationwide.


So powerful. So simple.
Streamline Verify’s proprietary OIG exclusion screening software is rapidly gaining ground as one of the most requested OIG compliance systems in the nation. No other system matches Streamline Verify’s ease of use, accuracy, and affordability.

Streamline Verify’s system allows you to:

  • Perform instant OIG exclusion list checks on one or multiple employees, including ALL name variations and diminutives, against EVERY OIG exclusion database: OIG, SAM, and ALL State databases
  • Import and manage data from your current computer system, ensuring accurate comparison and verification
  • Edit and manage employee lists with ease
  • Access compliance-proving reports on a 24 hour basis
  • Receive AUTOMATIC monthly emails with updated verification results and newly flagged matches


Never worry about OIG compliance again.
In addition to our basic software package, Streamline Verify offers a comprehensive verification service that completely removes the burden of OIG exclusion screening from your shoulders. In addition to performing ongoing, monthly OIG exclusion list checks, Streamline Verify personally researches every flagged potential match, pursuing State Medicaid Agencies whenever necessary to effectively rule out potential matches. Offering 100% guaranteed liability insurance protection, Streamline Verify is the most effective and affordable way to protect your business.