Streamline Verify FAQS


Which areas of healthcare do you service?

We’re experienced in serving a full range of healthcare organizations, representing every facet of the healthcare arena.

Typical clients include but are not limited to:
  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Ambulance Companies
  • Billing Companies
  • Health Plans/MCO’s
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmacies
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
Does Streamline Verify screen against all federal and state exclusion databases?

Yes, we screen against all existing federal and state databases. 

Additionally, we provide compliance screening of many other databases, such as:

  • Death Master File
  • NPI Registry
  • CMS Preclusion and more
Does Streamline Verify have the capability to access and add new databases?
Absolutely! We understand that every organization has unique needs. In addition to our already robust portfolio of databases,
our infrastructure allows us to fulfill any custom request, and add almost any database required by your organization.
Will we need to download or store information from the federal & state databases, or will your program do it for us?
With Streamline Verify, there is never any need for you to download or store data from federal or state exclusion lists. Our program does all the heavy lifting for you.
Do you perform licensing monitoring nationally?

Yes. We do provide a platform that monitors licensed health professionals across the US. This licensing screening feature
monitors for license expiration dates and sends a reminder prior to the license renewal date. Additionally, for easy reference, our
application allows users to save a copy of the license inside the portal. Learn More

Do you provide criminal background checks?
No. Criminal background checks are a firsttime, pre-hire check process, while our services encompass ongoing monitoring.


What are some common areas of increased efficiency:
  • Priority filtering to help you zero in on critical matches first
  • Resolving using DOB
  • Resolving potential matches against databases directly within the Streamline Verify portal
  • Screening using NPIs of providers, delivering instant positive matches
Will a potential match that was resolved as false ever return?
No. Verification of a potential match process is a one-time event. Once you flag a potential match as false, it will never return as a
potential match. However, if there is any change in the client’s record, it will then be treated as a new record and return. Similarly,
if the exclusion database puts in a new record that’s a potential match, it will also return.
What type of reporting capabilities do you provide?
The Streamline Verify program maintains robust and comprehensive reporting capabilities, including all reports required
by auditors. These detailed reports capture everything directly from our portal, and can be extracted and downloaded at any time.

Extensive filtering capabilities allow you to access reports according to employee list or single individuals, with the option to generate monthly reports or customized timeframes. Inactive records are stored indefinitely.

In the event of an audit, what records does the Streamline Verify program maintain?

Streamline Verify creates all reports needed by auditors. We custom-built the report section specifically to address the needs of compliance officers undergoing audits, based on direct feedback from current clients who have undergone audits that needed reports.

The system can export reports by employee list or by individual for any screening ever undertaken. In addition, any activity or action performed in the application is recorded and saved and can then be added to any report needed for audits.

Clients who have undergone CMS audits have reported excellent results post-audit. Not only that, we’ve received positive feedback
from CMS auditors themselves, praising our program!

If our service with you ends, will we still be able to download reporting information?

Streamline Verify clients are loyal clients. We are committed to the teams we support and pride ourselves on our steadfast client retention. However, if you do decide to end your service with us, we contractually obligate ourselves to provide you with any reporting downloads you might require, and pledge to ensure a smooth and efficient transition.


What security measures do you take to safeguard sensitive employee information?
Your security is of paramount concern to us. To that end, we employ a “security first” approach, reflected in our multi-level encryption, vulnerability scanning, secure coding reviews and penetration testing. All data and communication traveling between our clients and our servers is encrypted in transfer (TLS or SFTP).Additionally, every view of a SSN auto-generates an audit trail detailing who viewed what and when.
If, for security reasons, I don’t want to provide ssns, will your system still work?
Yes. Our system does not require SSNs for screening. However, when you provide SSNs, our system can significantly reduce your
workload and boost your efficiency by auto resolving matches.
How reliable is the accuracy of your program?

Our development team is constantly testing and reviewing the performance and accuracy of our system against all relevant databases. By remaining vigilant, we ensure the application is consistently error-free.

How does Streamline Verify stay updated with all databases that need checking?

Streamline Verify is proud to set industry standards with hourly synchronization to primary source data. Our system actively monitors, tracks and reviews all databases, syncing with primary source data once an hour, 24 hours a day. This revolutionary real-time data approach ensures a level of accuracy that far exceeds every other platform on the market.

What happens if an error occurs, and we hire an “excluded person”?

Streamline Verify takes every precaution to safeguard our clients. Because our system syncs once an hour, 24 hours a day, you’ll have access to any updates or changes to the source-data in real-time. Our system will detect and alert you if this person is excluded on the state and federal lists — with accuracy up to that very hour . Additionally, our team manually cross references the databases to ensure accuracy with primary sources. For added protection, we carry Liability, Errors & Omissions, as well as Cyber Security Insurance to indemnify our clients.


Do you offer pricing discounts for organizations with allotted budgets?
Our team will work closely with yours to address budget concerns, and can often tailor the services we provide to fit your needs and
financial constraints, all while ensuring strict standards of compliance.
How long does it take to implement the streamline verify program?
With access to the necessary data we can have you up and running within a matter of hours. Every organization is different and the
level of client involvement will impact the speed of implementation. The sooner you give us access to your data, the sooner we can
complete implementation.
What level of customer support do you provide, and how accessible is it?
We carefully vet, hire, and train a team of warm, knowledgeable customer reps. Dedicated teams specialize in different areas,
so there’s always someone skilled on-hand to address any issue. Customer Support is available by phone, email, and live chat and
every security issue is overseen by senior management to ensure it’s handled quickly and skillfully.
Are any of your services handled by a third party?
At Streamline Verify, we believe in quality, innovation and customer service — qualities that can only be accomplished through inhouse developers and technology experts who truly understand the program, customers, and the environment they work in. That’s why the development of our cutting edge application and exclusion resolutions are done in-house only.

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